#Daddysgirl: A Letter To My First Love

I cannot think of a need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection – Sigmund Freud.

Dear Dee,

I can’t remember when exactly I became aware of your presence in my life because you’ve always been there.

Out of all my memory of you as a child, one stands out. I had been searching for you around the house then I found you seated on the veranda. You looked lost in thought but you cleared your thought process when you saw me.

I was a child, and my young mind was obsessed with the idea of having babies run around the house because I had seen the picture of two babies (a White boy child and an African girl child) in the then pampers advert. I wanted those particular babies to be my younger siblings, so, I told you about it.

It must have been hilarious hearing me talk about wanting those babies with all seriousness. However, you carried me on your laps and tried to explain to me in the simplest of ways that mummy can’t give me those babes due to health conditions (which I now understand as the clause of having a cesarian section procedure done) and with the constant increase in school fees you would like to train and care for your  kids to your very best.

Dee! Thank you for training and caring for me, thank you for continuously doing your very best for me. You’re one of my biggest fan and supporter. Thank you for believing in me and trusting me even when you don’t understand what I am going on about (Like me dropping my certificates to pursue writing these past few months).

Thank you for staying with me. I love you so much papa. You’d best thing that’s ever happened to me, Dee. Thank you so for everything. Thank you for loving me, for accepting me, for correcting me. Thank you for been Dad and my friend. Happy Father’s Day Dee.

Your Babygirl💕

This letter was initially written on 17th June 2018

PS: I sincerely apologize for going MIA for a very long time. I pledge to make a full-time commitment to my blog.


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