Brassiere || A Bane to my existence

It’s a long and hectic day and here I’m seated in a yellow and black Lagos bus heading to the Mainland; Oshodi park. I’m tired to say the least, five minutes after settling down, I began to feel what started as a little discomfort around my bosom. It did not take me time to realize the culprit was my brassiere.

Different thoughts started running through my mind. Why  do we wear brassiere? Who invented this little piece of clothing? And why do we regularly feel the need to cage these wonderful gifts from God? Is brassiere wearing for everyone?

Brassiere is an under-garment worn to support the breast, wearing of this piece of clothing can be traced down to ancient Greece and the linen materials used to make them can be dated down to the 14th century, they were found in Austria. The “cups” used to be stretchable to accommodate different sizes; I find that information interesting, blame my very imaginative mind.

Mary Phelps Jacobs (also know as Caresse Corbsy) received  the patent to brassiere in 1914. Her designs formed the basis for the today brassiere.

Mary Phelps Jacobs also known as Caresse Crosby and her whippet

Just look at madam Mary/Caresse, I choose to call you Caresse ma. Yes, you did something distinct and we would all remember you for it but then this your invention is not a comfortable something, It makes me feel like something is tighten my chest, why? 

48 years after you’ve left the surface of the earth it has become a norm to wear brassiere everyday and if you as much as free your bosom from the cage call brassiere before getting to the comfort of your home, you will have people look at you like there’s something wrong with you. Whereas there’s nothing wrong, you just want to free the brezz!

This cage of a something is a bane to my existence, my chest!


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  1. ologs says:

    is it true that all ladies do not wear brassiere?

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    1. Not quite. All I’m saying is, it makes me uncomfortable


  2. Oluchi says:

    Hehe that’s the advantage of we A cups. Brassiere is not an everyday something

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Big advantage ooh. Thank you for commenting. Happy new month

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  3. stylewithfiyah says:

    I thought i was the only person who feel so uncomfortable, i hate bra

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