London Fashion Week||Love in the Capital

Clicks of heels against the floor board, constant sharing of air kisses, a chilly wind and a pale sunshine – you guessed right! Winter is here and with it was the London fashion week. I bet the air in the capital felt crispy and smelt rich and expensive. A season with a twist – Love and fashion, it’s only good manners for whoever we are in love with to be as enthusiastic about fashion as we are – That’s Bliss!
Incase you couldn’t get on the first flight to the capital or you couldn’t get the tickets to attend the London fashion week, I got you covered! Here’s what you should know about the London fashion week. The London fashion week began on February 16, 2018 and was drawn to a close in style on February 20, 2018. The event took place at three different venues; the British council fashion presentation space, The top shop show space and The painting room presentation. The London fashion week is for the Elites; the top fashion icons and VIPs not just anyone can attend this fashion show but there’s no cause of alarm as the show was opened to viewers who might love to watch as a VIP in the comfort of their couch snuggled up with their favourite pillows taking in the creativity of stylists who owned the runway.
Here’s a list of the things I love about LFW.

1). Street styles

I’ve seen iconic fashion stylist play with colors and making layering seem so effortless. Edgy never looked so good on these ones. And perhaps some day I’d be bold enough to dazzle in something as bright and iconic as this well put together pieces of the fashionistas

2). Display of African Prints

Seeing the various ways African prints were styled makes me scream #Wakanda with my fist in the air I wonder if my neighbours have started calling me crazy but you have to agree with me, that African prints is beautiful and never I’ve I been more proud of my roots with the way its styled

Can you see the way African prints were rocked! They look like cool African kids, and if you want to shop the look you can get it here
3. Class

This is the only word I can use to qualify Christopher Bailey’s Rainbow Legacy collection, I saw these collection’s and I fell in love all over again with fashion and style.


Now this is what I call the coat of many colors revamped, this splash of colour tells me to live in color. What does it tell you?

Street style in the new rainbow collection from Burberry

What will this post be all about if I don’t give you the juicest juice of it all, the Queen Elizabeth II attended the London fashion week on the last day of the event brushing shoulders with the Queen of fashion Anna Wintour (Longtime Editor for Vogue)

Source: Google
I don’t know about you but all these articulates my love and excitement for winter, the capital and more importantly LFW.


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  1. Busayo says:

    Wow this is so nice and detailed! More editorial like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and for your feedback. Means a lot.


  2. Victoria (naijathriftslayer) says:

    nice work girl…..the street style and display of afric8prints is my favourite part

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading babes❤


  3. Oluchi says:

    Nicely written. The pictures you chose are brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

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