It was the most amazing trip ever, and I couldn’t believe tinnie was going on such! I kept whispering wow, look at God, small geh big God. You can bet I was ecstatic!!! finally I was on an island, the room I lodged at was over looking a clear blue ocean and it had white beach sand at it’s shores.

I was just going to lay down on the fluffy bed the room housed when my eyes caught a caramel chocolate god with a well structured body, six packs and a sharp V just below his narvel stretching on the beach. And my thoughts rang; this is it! Lol! my mother’s warnings not to get pregnant before marriage can get tossed into this blue ocean.

I let my Brazilian hair down sharply, wore a deep Vee neck body suit and a short that revealed part of my bum but what could I care, this caramel god has to be mine and I will shame my haters( basically my parents church members who wouldn’t stop to tell me to get married, have been telling them that is not yet time and in fact on the list of my grandmother’s grandchildren is not yet my turn, so why do they want me to jump the queue? Shunting issa sin abeg but them no go hear word) that have gotten my husband and make them realize why travelling out of your comfort zone is good, I couldn’t be bothered about a kimono I was a girl on a mission.

I made my way to the beach in no time, I then remembered that scene from the movies where the girl flips her hair and walks down the beach and the guy will whistle and probably drop his drink and then break into a run or a jog to catch up with the girl. I was just about flipping the hair when….a very hot abara to lata (English interpretation a painful slap on the back) landed on my back and my mother’s voice yelling so you dint hear me shouting your name since morning abi? I had to hold back the hiss, so it was only just a dream


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