20 something and still no Valentine || Cupid Failed me

It’s Valentine day’s eve and everywhere I turn seems to be themed with love and romance. This isn’t a “love don’t live here” article.

Let’s take a detour and rewind my life activities to the last 24hours. I sat across the interviewer while she went through my CV asking the regular interview questions and of course butting in nanoseconds before I can make a full statement to answer her questions, she suddenly said I can’t believe you’re 20 something with no work experience.

There was a tone to which she said it like it’s a disease of some sort. Immediately I felt like my life was on a Ferris wheel, going faster than it’s usual space and all I can do is to scream in protest till my voice is raw but this isn’t the first time I’d feel this way so instead I maintained my cool and shook off the after feeling  the effect her tone had on me.

24hours after, I’m sinking deep in this unbelievable soft couch, snuggling throw pillows checking my Instagram feeds and WhatsApp status, I realized even Cupid has failed me, I’m 20something with no date for Valentine and work experience (does writing on writing platforms count as work experience? I think it does Lol).

I’m a hopeful romantic and love lives in my heart regardless of my relationship status but the words wouldn’t just stop ringing and being the dreamer that I am, I can’t stop imagining what it will feel like to have a gift box containing red roses, a red dress, a rose gold Michael Kors wristwatch and a bottle of Baileys. A date on a yacht or by the beach side wouldn’t be a bad idea. That’s all I would have wanted for a Valentine gift but Cupid has failed me.

Do you have a date for Valentine? Have you ever had? Are you looking forward to Valentine? I hope you answer these questions, I’m curious to know.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve. I Love you!




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  1. Boluwatife says:

    We are in this together o, coz I don’t have a date too. I will just order for ice cream, chicken and chips and enjoy myself in my room

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    1. Lmao, atleast you’ve got plans.. I’ve got none

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  2. Lol i can imagine, just buy yourself nice stuffs and have it delivered to you,go out who knows who u might meet or to avoid the over dramatic couples stay in and see a movie over junks…its not a biggie to be alone on valentine.

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    1. Thank you for the suggestions but my tomorrow will most likely consist of me wondering round the street of Lagos looking for job.


  3. Kemi says:

    awww…you never can tell, miracles do happen yea. You’d be surprised, your ideal gift box can still be delivered to you

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    1. I don’t believe in this kind of miracle jare🙀🙀 the only miracle I want right now issa job


  4. ologs says:

    Well we are plenty oooo … I don’t have a val and I haven’t ever celebrated valentine’s Day too.

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    1. Your comment filled my heart with hope🙈


  5. zeeeee01 says:

    Lol,my interviewer will certainly say d same, buh i’ll bone face. Just employ me fam, experience has to start somewhere…. Never had a val n cupid still hasn’t taken a peep at my side this year, besides these guys be having their mind elsewhere #premier league

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    1. I mean!!! Employ me and EPP my life…Lmao at premiere league


  6. Serene says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever had a proper Valentine’s day either. And here I am, twenty something too. I think I’ve gotten used to it over the years, it’s just another day now. Maybe when love finds me, it’ll be more but for now, tomorrow’s another Wednesday.

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    1. Ayeeeeeee!!!!!Maami..it is just another day


  7. Olabode Ernest says:

    Cool thoughts… quite cool but does it really matter?

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  8. deeplyestranged says:

    For me it’s just the 14th of yet another month. Nothing special biko I cannot come and be thinking of my life. I’m embracing singlehood

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    1. 😂😂😂 Don’t ooh you are delaying somebody from having boyfriend.. We all belong to someone you know


  9. Modiva says:

    We are in this together. No val again this year *sigh*. After twenty something years on earth, every val comes and go and I don’t ve anything to show off as a gift from cupid this is sad. Meanwhile to avoid embarrassment at work. I’ll be taking a day off work so people wont ve to b staring at my table all day like fine girl wheres ur flower or chocolate box from ur bae lol aint ready to start explaining stories that touch the heart tomorrow 😢.

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    1. 😁😂😂😂😂You killed me with laughter with your comment


  10. Good read. I love you story telling skills. I pictured so many images as I read through.

    Well done Tinnie.👍
    Happy Valentines Day😘

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    1. Thank you so much for the compliment. Bless your heart dear. Happy Valentines day


  11. Temi says:

    Valentine has never been special to me..I never even had a date sef..valentine ko..Iranu..but I wouldn’t mind gifts on that day sha..but it’s not a biggie

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    1. Lool @ iranu!! I would want for it to be special for atleast a day Lol


  12. morolayorwrites says:

    Happy sleeping day tomorrow. Issa sleep and pressing phone things. Mi o le wa Ku. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, Go to church. See you in church Sister Tinnie ✌

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    1. Morolayor!!!!😂😂😂😂 Thank you for reading love❤❤

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  13. Anu says:

    I can totally relate! It’s not a big deal dear, just enjoy the day like every other day. A surprise is probably waiting for you…who knows?😊
    And if nothing happens, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re amazing and you have a lot of love in your heart to share with others. Love comes knocking when we least expect it. Breathe and live!

    As per job, the way you package your CV and sell yourself at an interview matters. Highlight your hobbies/interests, internships or volunteering/freelance stuff especially those that relate to the role. Get a referral if you can too. Don’t leave out prayers also.

    While you’re searching, keep sharpening your skills and learning new things. And if you can, find a way of commercialising one or two things you do, no matter how small.

    It’s tough out there but we have to keep pushing. By the way, no one has everything figured out at all points in their life.

    You’re doing an amazing job with this writing thing by the way.

    So, I’ve succeeded in writing an epistle…LOL!
    Hope you’ll gist us about your day at the end of today. Cheers!

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    1. Epistle? Not at all, I learnt from it, You’re probably the only that noted how serious I was about the job, I’ve reconstructed my CV, I’m glad now I went for the interview, it will help with the others to come. My gist today won’t even be about Valentine because there’s no date, there’s only looking for job. But I’m sure there would be something dramatic because of the approach I’m planning to use towards it. Happy Valentine’s day Anu❤


  14. Victoria Iteoluwakisi Durosaro says:

    I personally feel the Day is overrated sha. No biggie if you’ve got no “ Valentine “. Just loook at the beautiful people around you and smile. Every day is lovers’ day darling.
    May I suggest celebrating “Galentines day” with your pals instead? 😉

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    1. Lool….I’m with you in Galentines day…Happy Valentine’s day


  15. Tife says:

    Its overrated and I don’t celebrate it💃💃

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  16. Victoria (naijathriftslayer) says:

    You are not alone I did not have a date for Valentine’s and I have never had a date but the day went well tho


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