It was the most amazing trip ever, and I couldn’t believe tinnie was going on such! I kept whispering wow, look at God, small geh big God. You can bet I was ecstatic!!! finally I was on an island, the room I lodged at was over looking a clear blue ocean and it had white beach sand at it’s shores. 

I was just going to lay down on the fluffy bed the room housed when my eyes caught a caramel chocolate god with a well structured body, six packs and a sharp V just below his narvel stretching on the beach. And my thoughts rang; this is it! Lol! my mother’s warnings not to get pregnant before marriage can get tossed into this blue ocean.

I let my Brazilian hair down sharply, wore a deep Vee neck body suit and a short that revealed part of my bum but what could I care, this caramel god has to be mine and I will shame my haters( basically my parents church members who wouldn’t stop to tell me to get married, have been telling them that is not yet time and in fact on the list of my grandmother’s grandchildren is not yet my turn, so why do they want me to jump the queue? Shunting issa sin abeg but them no go hear word) that have gotten my husband and make them realize why travelling out of your comfort zone is good, I couldn’t be bothered about a kimono I was a girl on a mission. 

I made my way to the beach in no time, I then remembered that scene from the movies where the girl flips her hair and walks down the beach and the guy will whistle and probably drop his drink and then break into a run or a jog to catch up with the girl. I was just about flipping the hair when….a very hot abara to lata (English interpretation a painful slap on the back) landed on my back and my mother’s voice yelling so you dint hear me shouting your name since morning abi? I had to hold back the hiss, so it was only just a dream


​20 something and still no Valentine || Cupid Failed me

It’s Valentine day’s eve and everywhere I turn seems to be themed with love and romance. This isn’t a “love don’t live here” article.

Let’s take a detour and rewind my life activities to the last 24hours. I sat across the interviewer while she went through my CV asking the regular interview questions and of course butting in nano seconds before I can make a full statement to answer her questions, she suddenly said I can’t believe  you’re 20 something with no work experience. There was a tone to which she said it, like it’s a disease of some sort. Immediately I felt like my life was on a Ferris wheel of some sort, going faster that it’s usual space and all I can do is to scream in protest till my voice is raw but this isn’t the first time I’d feel this way so instead I maintained my cool and shook off the after feeling of the effect her tone had on me. 24hours after I’m sinking deep in this unbelievable soft couch, snuggling throw pillows checking my Instagram feeds and WhatsApp status, I realized even Cupid has failed me, I’m 20something with no date for Valentine and work experience (does writing on writing platforms count as work experience? I think it does Lol).

 I’m a hopeful romantic and love lives in my heart regardless of my relationship status but the words wouldn’t just stop ringing and being the dreamer that I am, I can’t stop imagining what it will feel like to have gift box containing  red roses, a red dress, a rose gold Michael kors wristwatch and a bottle of Baileys. A date on a yatch or by the beach side wouldn’t be a bad idea. That’s all I would have wanted for a Valentine gift but Cupid has failed me.

Do you have a date for Valentine? Have you ever had? Are you looking forward to Valentine? I hope you answer these questions, I’m curious to know.

Happy Valentine’s day Eve. I Love you!



Challenges || Dear life, I promise I’m trying

There always seem to be one thing we are having challenges with; career, relationships, finances, getting access to a desired network (networking). It’s almost like a vicious circle that never ends. The interesting thing is, when you seem to be done with one phase another springs up. If one isn’t careful, one could easily get lost in this whirlwind, life is.

For me, right now, I’m having challenges with my finances; I do not lack but I’m yet to be where I’d like to be  and with adulting hitting me with a big BAM! Sometimes, I’m tempted to scream “no adulting today maybe tomorrow or the next”. But whether I choose to adult today or not, it ain’t going no where, so I might as well face it squarely and be thankful few years from now. Secondly, my career and ambitions, sometimes it’s like Oh yeah! I’ve got it all figured out, the next is like I want to dig a big hole and run to Asia. Lol

I’ve resolved to praying, watching movies or having deep conversations with a loved one when I’m overwhelmed. What are you having challenges with (or struggling with) at the moment? Please share and if you think it’s too personal feel free to mince your words.

Thank you for taking out time to read. Can I get an hallelujah Friday is here! I love you!




Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU is the Founder of TECHmIT Africa, a Technology and Innovation Ecosystem Advocacy Organization with headquarter in Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria. He and his team members help technology startups explore the power of collaboration and idea mix to achieve the massive survival of the valley of death in the Nigerian Innovation Ecosystem. He is the convener of the Ibadan Tech Startup Meet up which he organized in collaboration with the Impact Innovators Team. He is an alumnus of the University of Ibadan Nigeria where he bagged a first class degree in Library and Information Science in 2012 and a masters in Library and Information Science in 2015.He is also a proud alumnus of the Korean Development Institute of Public Policy and Management Sejong, South Korea where he bagged a masters in Public Policy with special interest in technology policy and electronic government. He is also a certified social media analytics expert from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Mr. Oluwaseun Adepoju it’s an honour to interview you on my blog today, without wasting much of our time, let’s get right on to it.

​1. Tell us about your early journey into the world of startups? 

My entrance into the start up world started in 2011 when I started a media company called Tabanaku Infomatrix. The start up failed because I didn’t understand how to run a business. I did so many free jobs for people and I spent my capital eventually. Fast forward to 2016 when I conducted a research on technology entrepreneurs and their survival of the valley of death in the Nigerian Innovation Ecosystem,my mind was opened to the challenges of start ups in Africa,especially tech start ups.  As a practical start up and a technology policy expert, I floated TECHmIT Africa on my return to Nigeria to address the challenges facing tech start ups while advocating a healthy Innovation Ecosystem in the city of Ibadan.

2. How has it been running TECHmIT AFRICA from Ibadan?

It has been very challenging due to the gradual emergence of technology entrepreneurship in the city of Ibadan. However,the experience has also been rewarding because myself and my team members are seeing the bright future in the Ibadan start up scene because of the Innovative and Creative Ideas we have seen emerge steadily from young people in the city. We often times see needs to move to Lagos but we believe that the next technology cluster in the Nigerian start up scene is the city of Ibadan. Ibadan is like a grown up damsel ready to be married in terms technology entrepreneurship and tech business proliferation. We run on the principle of creating values in Ibadan  rather than compete for the prominence of already establish scenes of Lagos.

3. You were a judge at two Hult Prize Events,what were your take homes from the startups that pitched?

It was a great privilege to be amongst the selection committee for the Hult Prize at the University of Ibadan and Covenant University.  I was super impressed by the startups that pitched in both schools. I saw young men and woman who are creating values and solving problems accross sectors of the society by leveragin on technology.  Most of the startups had ideas that will become global brands and international problem solving businesses if helped. The help is what TECHmIT AFRICA is here to render. I have no doubt that these start ups will change the narratives of Africa into a creative economy.

4. What are the unique parallels between the startup scene in Korea and Ibadan?

It is very pertinent that every third world country must learn from the stories of economic developmentnl of South Korea. The rapid economic development of Korea is undoubtedly technology driven.  However, there are some parallel points of analysis between the Daejon City of Korea and Ibadan City of Nigeria. The start scene in the technology City of South Korea has many Technology Incubation Hubs like Innopolis. Ibadan City of Nigeria has also improved in its start up scene with the daily increase in Innovation labs and hubs. The technology city of Daejon in Korea also has consistent tech start up meet ups which has also been seen in the last two years in the city of Ibadan Nigeria. TECHmIT Africa has also been useful in this meet up area as the convener of the Ibadan Tech start up meet up in collaboration with the Impact Innovators team.

5. Tell us what its like being a global citizen?

I love the term GLOBAL CITIZEN because it perfectly defines who a normal youth should be in the 21st century.  A global citizen is an individual who ia not location bound in his or her thought pattern and mentality. He or she does things with the global community in mind. A global citizen would have ethnic acceptance ,religious tolerance and cultural acclimatization. Tech start ups must be global citizens because technology is global and not location bound. They must create values with the global community in mind.

6. What interesting project is TECHmIT Africa working on?
We are currently working on the biggest Acceleration Program in the city of Ibadan for Technology start ups. It will be a 12weeks of intensive knowledge investment into the selected start ups. We have the best hands on deck as the Acceleration Principal,Tayo Fagbohun of placements.ng is a succesful start up who just won the techpointbuild storm picth with his co-founder. We have awesome line ups of faculty members and judges who are experts on their various climes.  The Acceleration program will be coming up in the month of March 2018 and we are really looking forward to it.

We are going to have a meet and greet for start ups on Saturday 4th February in preration for the Acceleration Program. Further information will be communicated to the selected start ups.
The goodnews is that the start ups enrolled in the acceleration program will have the chance to be the first cohort of our Asia Nigeria technology exchange program and get featured in our IbTECHreport 1.0.
7. Tell us more about the Acceleration program and what it is set to achieve? 
Arguably so. At no point in the history of the Ibadan Tech startup scene has any platform, individual or group ventured to do what my team is setting out to do.

We will radically redefine the concept of startup  acceleration and ensure that successful startups from our cohort program go on to not just build customer satisfying services and solutions but also jumpstart them on the path towards building thriving  legacy businesses.
We will make public the moving parts of our plans as we roll out.
8) What do you see TECHmIT achieving in a decades time?

Just as Y-combinator is synonymous with Airbnb, DropBox and the likes, TechmiT Africa within a decade will be the hotbed from which successful startup stories will be birthed.

It won’t just be about peddling an Ibadan to Nigeria type of narrative but rather we will prove the concept of glocality by exporting our talents and solutions to the world.

​Dropping Bad Habits

I’ve come to realize the first and the most important step in dropping a bad habit is owning up to it and having the willingness to drop the act. Although it was heartbreaking initially, I was proud of myself for not staying in denial when the facts were glaring at me. I saluted the courage I had to own up to itching fingers when it came to spending and I decided to be an Adult by contacting the Human hair vendor, I promised to get back to her late next month. Fortunately, my previous blog post caught the attention of an investment manager and conversing with him has been enlightening. He; the investment manager, has made me realize that dropping my bad habits won’t be a walk in the park and it will most likely be a slow process to begin with. In order not to feel starved of the “good things” of life, I would have to pick up new habits to replace the bad ones. Here are the following habits I would be picking up

1). Download the piggybank app 

2). Set the app to deduct at least #200 naira per day from my account

3). Promise to reward myself with a gift whenever I meet my savings target for the month and the subsequent ones to come.

There’s the fourth one which I did not list because I’m still doing a thorough research on it. Have promised myself to invest atleast ten thousand naira per month with the hope to go higher with time. What seems to be the most profitable investment for me now is to invest in the mansard money market. I’m yet to finalize this decision.

What new habit would you be picking up to replace your bad habits? Kindly share your knowledge about money market funds, help a girl on her journey to financial freedom

Thank you so much for reading, I look forward to reading your comments!

Owning Up to Bad Habits

I’m quite stubborn, even to myself and sometimes it’s can be difficult to admit to myself about a wrong or something I could have done differently. I’ve been praying for wisdom to learn something new as each day passes and I have. Today what I learnt was, financially I had been living my life wrong. I had an A-ha moment and I almost cried when I came to this realization. Initially, I had a battle going on within me; it’s not possible I’m an Economist and I don’t think I live above my means, what would settle the raging battle going on within me finally came around 1:50pm – 2pm today. I was to make a decision whether to make a financial investment or buy a closure (weavon/weave, my hair lovers would understand this). I couldn’t make a decision still about five hours after. 

Please understand me, there’s nothing wrong with looking good. In fact looking good is a serious business but one shouldn’t live above ones means. It’s important one starts making reasonable financial investment once you hit your 20s because in the future you don’t want to let your dreams slide because you dint invest. In fact it would be a very painful thing to do. And the interesting thing I have come to realize is that I don’t have to wait still I have a hundred thousand naira to invest, there are several investment schemes that fits into several financial budget. I was so happy to realize that (I would be excited to write about it much later when I’d have made broad research about investment schemes)

So the bad habit I owned up to was financial recklessness, I’m a quick spender. Owning up to it was painful and difficult but I’m happy I did and I’ve started looking for ways to stay disciplined.

Do you have any bad habits you’ve had a difficult time owing up to please share, it will encouraging to know I’m not the only one with bad habits lol. 

Thank you for reading.

I’m back again people!!!! I hope you missed #tinnie the “Dramarian” 


Before my cab moved from Ife I had started imagining slaying to my Lagos party and also getting groceries back to school (I’m one of does people who can’t travel down for just one thing, there’s always a line up of things. It’s like I’m hearing my ancestors saying you this geh you wee go to Lagos for only party nitoriolorun! You can do better than that). The party was on a friday, I decided to travel down on a Thursday. Friday came & I went to get them groceries ( this is were I should have started seeing my village people/ my carelessness at work, but my eye no gree open) I went beyond the budget I had eye marked with confidence until I saw my account balance (I paid via POS, I just said you this geh please respect yourself no more unnecessary spending). I started preparing for the party by Six!!! I took my time dressing up you would have thought I was going to “ball” my friendsss. That day ehn, my shakara plenty, yesssss I got a lot of toasters, I was just causing trouble with my waist whining forgetting my sorrows about results and the series of assignmentssss (I’m not even exaggerating with the “sssss”). We got home 4.00am and I woke up with a banging headache 7:00am initially I thought someone was pounding yam on my head. My ancestors were busy shaking their heads at me, they gave you Chapman with a pinch of Hennessey to let loose & you did, loosing your home training with your small behind to cause kasala on the dance floor & you think the “gods” will forgive you & take the headache away? My ancestors asked, just as I was about replying them that it was just ” something light”, I felt my headache increased by 75% as they reminded me of the presentation I was too have that coming Monday. I dint know when I screamed out Funkeeeeee! Aiyemi temi bami!Where’s my laptop? 


I also hope you would follow me on Instagram @princess_tinnie. Thank you for reading

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When Spontaneity gets you in trouble

When spontaneity gets you in trouble


This time last year, I was still in the euphoria of  being privileged to get into a new year, My only goal for the new year was to YOLO it, I guess that was where I gave the devil or my village people the chance to try me, Lol! But God had my back (dramatic emphasis on “God had my back) mid January I started having nightmares about my first semesters result but I did not take it seriously till I saw them towards the end of January, I dint fail but it was not at all what I envisaged and that got me worried as the drama queen that I am, I sent my Dad a text saying “Dee, this is it, it’s time for me to run away, I think I want to end it all now” I just kept saying a bunch of nonsense still one of my closest friends at the time got tired of my rants and decided to invite me for a Lagos party to cool my mind before I lost it over school grades, it did not take so long for me to think about it, I packed my bags in minutes and I was ready.

I’m very sure at that minute the devil was roaring in laughter and he couldn’t  wait to try me.

To be continued……


Firstly, I would like to apologize for going MIA, I have been taking out time to learn how to be more intentional with blogging.

I launched “Tinnie goes on tour” yesterday (December 6, 2017), it’s something have always wanted to do since I was a little girl and I’m so excited to start. I decided to start from my current state of resident, Ile-Ife, Osun state.

My friends and I arrived at National Museum Ile-Ife at 4:05pm, we had a warm reception and were asked to fill in the register, the museum docent (all known as tour guide) warned us strictly against picture taking and video recording before the tour began.

The museum docent explained briefly how closely related sculptures in different ethnicity in Nigeria were, before going ahead to buttress the fact that life indeed began in Ile-Ife. We saw bronze crafted heads of the first few Ooni’s of Ife, since camera’s and photographers were not available in the 12th century, the kings requested sculptors to sculpt exact replicas of them, in a glass box were seats the first kingsof Ile-Ife sat on during their life time. Walking further into the museum we saw a colorful handbeaded crown, which the king wears once a year during the “Olojo festival”, while having this crown on the king must not look into the mirror or see the insides of the crown, the kings subjects are the ones who wears this crown for him with his back turned to them. I was quick to ask what happens if the king sees the insides of it or looks into the mirror while he has the crown on, the museum docent whispered ” the king will die”. There was another crown but it was aged and crafted from cowries, it is believed to have been made for a wealthy king during the time cowries were a form of currency.

In the museum was the ark Sango ( a god or deity also known as the god of thunder) weilds and boulders (stones) formed at each place Sango fought during his life time, we also saw the seat Sango sat on while he was alive before transitioning into the spirit realm. A mannequin was dressed in a masquerade attire, masquerades are important to our culture in the Yoruba land as Yoruba’s believe that they are messengers from the Eledumare (Almighty God), and they have  festivals where they walk around the village with no shoes praying for the villagers. We saw several images of the Obtala worshippers and the Ogboni fraternity members, in a glass box were equipment used for initiation into the Ogboni fraternity. On another end of the museum was the Osun fertility pot, it is believed that if a barren woman drinks from this pot and she believes, Osun (a river goddess) will bless her with a child. Amongst other things we saw were Hunter’s gears, blacksmith and porter’s tools, also we saw Kitchen Utensils used as far back as the 12th century.

Getting outside of the museum to the court was a very tall tree called “Perekun”, this tree was used as land demarcation by land sellers in the olden days. The Perekun tree is said to never die! And the one at the museum is said to have lived for over 10years.

The museum docent gave a detailed story of Olokun,  which I found very emotional, you can it relate her (Olokun) story to that of Hannah in the Bible; Just like Hannah she couldn’t give her husband a child.

 And she decided to marry a wife for her husband (the then Ooni of Ife), the name of the younger wife was Oshara and Oshara gave birth to children for the King, during a yearly festival where people show case what they have done that year to the king, Olokun show-cased her beads, for she was a bead maker and the king loved it, this made Oshara jealous and envious of her, so she told her kids to go to where this beads were to dance and scatter it to spite Olokun. This angered Olokun and she turned Oshara into a flowing river while she entered the floor and only her head was found and the sculptors replicated her head into a bronze statue to preserve history and to celebrate culture.

My friends and I with the Ori-Olokun statue.

In all it was a wonderful experience and I appreciated the fact that history was well preserved. I can’t wait to let you in on where my next stop will be.



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Thank you every one for the advice y’all dropped in the comment box the last time, I’m so grateful. Well I’m back with gist so you might wanna grab your pop corn now.

I took to the advice of @desolape and started wearing my wigs more often and dropped the habit of wearing pyjamas outside my house, I upgraded to wearing fitted joggers and tank tops, with a push up bra to make my nonexistence breast look bigger, you have to give me credit I tried! But life has been cruel because I didn’t see my crush with all these packaging. Only for me to go out earlier today with no wig, no bra and as I was stepping outside my gate the first person I see is my crush, I was tempted to run back inside to package but it was too late, so I decided to shoot my shot regardless.

Me: Good morning (says so sweetly)

Crush : Good morning (with killer smile)

Time literally stops with the smile, even my brain stopped working, then I said the worst pick up line ever!

Me: I don’t always look like this (I cringe immediately, really! Yomi! You couldn’t find something better to say)
To be continued…… Xoxoxo